Red Moon

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London, 1979. As American and Soviet moon bases aim their nuclear missiles at targets across the planet, former MI5 officer Eddie Sloper is about to uncover a deadly secret. Visit for more great award-winning full cast audio drama and original science fiction.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Red Moon : Phase 6 : Darkside

    On a remote American airbase in Northern England, the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Philip Bulcock as Eddie SloperYasmine Holness-Dove as Dr. Susan MadisonGeorgina Periam as Mrs JonesJoe Riley as QuirkeSarah Whitehouse as LizGreg Page as the SAS CaptainRichard Reed as the ...


  2. Red Moon : Phase 5 : Transit

    Sloper and Madison travel from London to Cumbria in an attempt to thwart a terrifying scheme. Philip Bulcock as Eddie SloperYasmine Holness-Dove as Dr. Susan MadisonGeorgina Periam as Mrs Jones and FelicitySarah Whitehouse as WendyGreg Page as MurrayRichard Reed as the CIA Hitmanand William Hope ...


  3. Red Moon : Phase 4 : Eclipse

    Pursued by a merciless assassin, Sloper and Madison’s trajectories overlap in their search for the truth. CAST Eddie Sloper… PHILIP BULCOCK Dr. Susan Madison… YASMINE HOLNESS-DOVE Mrs Jones… GEORGINA PERIAM Benji…  RICHARD REED ...


  4. Red Moon : Phase 3 : Syzygy

    MI5 has warned him off the case, but unseen forces bring Sloper into alignment with a figure from his past. Part three of our alternative history audio drama bought to you by the makers of The Springheel Saga. CAST LIST Eddie Sloper, ...


  5. Red Moon : Phase 2 : Umbra

    Having stumbled across a dangerous conspiracy and uncertain who to trust, Sloper’s clandestine investigation draws him into the shadows. CAST Eddie Sloper…                                   PHILIP BULCOCK Dr. Susan Madison…                       YASMINE HOLNESS-DOVE Quirke…                                               JOE RILEY Murray…                                              ...